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Jan 31, 2019

Focused on actionable data insights and specialized clinical care, Express Scripts shares perspectives on key healthcare topics this past month.

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Express Scripts’ experts share key insights on key healthcare topics right now. Here are six of our most-read topics from the past month:

1. Better Data, Better Access, Better Outcomes

In a world with endless amounts of information available right at our fingertips, Express Scripts clients are looking for the fastest and easiest route to access the data they need to manage their pharmacy benefit and make educated decisions. Trend Central puts data in clients’ hands with a self-serve plan management and reporting tool. With just a few clicks, clients can monitor utilization, explore trend drivers, and evaluate savings opportunities to keep costs down and improve health outcomes for members.

2. Safe Medication Delivery in All Temps

As the polar vortex hits and temperatures plunge across much of the country, we want to remind members that we’ve developed the highest level of standards for packaging and shipping temperature-sensitive drugs to keep medications safe and within appropriate temperature ranges.

3. Biosimilars in the U.S.: More Approvals But Not Access

While the number of approved biosimilars has increased, access to these medications in the U.S. is still limited. Here we show all biosimilars approved since 2015 and what’s ahead in the pipeline for 2019.

4. New Year, New Member? 5 Tips to Maximize Your Benefit

For many Americans, January marks the start of a new pharmacy benefit plan. Each year, employers and benefit providers adjust benefit plans to align with new copayment structures, preferred formularies and pharmacy network options.It is our mission to ensure members receive their medications safely and quickly at the lowest cost. With this in mind, we’ve provided some tips and tools members can use to maximize their pharmacy benefit.

5. Benefits of Home Delivery: What’s in it for Patients?

Hands down, home delivery of medications is the lowest cost option for members and for the healthcare industry. But home delivery offers much more, including improved adherence rates and access to specialist pharmacists with superior clinical expertise. Check out our infographic to learn more about the benefits of home delivery.

6. Tackling the Diabetes Dilemma Through Prevention

With more than 30 million people in the U.S. living with the condition, diabetes is the #1 costliest traditional therapy class. In addition, 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. are considered prediabetic. Our Diabetes Care ValueSM program was specifically designed to tackle this diabetes dilemma. Through enhancements to this program, Express Scripts will use rigorous data analytics and clinical insights to identify patients who, without the right intervention, are on a path toward a diabetes or cardiovascular diagnosis. To help them avoid such a diagnosis, we will invite these members to participate in a 12+ month virtual program that encourages a healthier lifestyle.

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