Clear the Path to Affordable Specialty Meds

Jul 12, 2013
Chief Medical Officer Steve Miller's opinion piece on the need for biosimilars was featured yesterday in the DC-based publication The Hill.

The Affordable Care Act provided a route to hold down the soaring costs of specialty biologic medications through competition, but there has been no movement down that path. It’s time for policymakers to act.

So says Dr. Steve Miller, chief medical officer of Express Scripts, in an opinion piece published yesterday by The Hill.

In the DC-based publication, Dr. Miller calls for Congress to push the Food and Drug Administration to act on the ACA’s directive to develop a clear pathway for bringing biosimilars to market. 

Second, policymakers should reject legislation that brand-name drugmakers are pushing in every state to significantly undermine the ability of employers and Medicaid to encourage the use of lower-cost biosimilars – if and when they come to market.

Recalling the bus trips to Canada that Americans took a decade ago to purchase affordable prescription drugs, Dr. Miller concludes, “Without the political will to do something now, the cost of specialty drugs – as well as the popularity of bus rides to Canada – will grow exponentially."

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