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Jan 30, 2018
Focused on actionable data insights and specialized clinical care, Express Scripts’ experts share perspective on key healthcare topics this month.
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Express Scripts’ experts share key insights on key healthcare topics right now. Here are our top five articles from this month:

1. Ease and Efficiency with Electronic Prior Authorizations

Electronic Prior Authorization can be completed in minutes and then submitted for a decision which often comes back in seconds. Patients get their medications more quickly, reducing gaps in care. In addition, plan sponsors can implement more complex PA requirements when needed without increasing provider’s administrative workload.

2. Express Scripts Significantly Reduces Inappropriate Selection and Excessive Dispensing of Opioids for New Patients

In the first 90 days since the Advanced Opioid Management program began on September 1, 2017, we observed a nearly 60% reduction in the average days supply for patients receiving an opioid prescription for the first time, from 18.6 days supply per prescription claim before the launch of the program, to 7.5 days supply per claim after the start of the program.

3. Improving Adherence for Complex Conditions

Nonadherence to medication continues to be our nation’s costliest healthcare challenge. The U.S. wastes hundreds of billions of dollars annually from treating medical complications that could have been avoided if patients had taken their medications as prescribed. To date, ScreenRx has closed 37% of medication adherence gaps and has recorded $188.6 million in total healthcare savings for our clients.

4. 3 Ways Express Scripts Uses Data To Improve Health Outcomes

The healthcare industry produces an incredible amount of data. Yet, in many cases, the information and insights derived from this data are inadequate. At Express Scripts, we believe big data is useless until it is made actionable. Using big data to generate actionable insights helps us to improve healthcare by making it more accessible, affordable and effective for the 83 million Americans we serve.

5. Ask the Pharmacist: New Year, New Benefits

A thorough review of your benefit details can help you save money and make the most of your benefit. Read about five tips from an Express Scripts pharmacist to better understand your benefit and get the most value out of it.

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