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Sep 28, 2017
New gene therapy treatment, healthcare exchange trends and lifesaving clinical support: just some important pharmacy topics this month.
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Express Scripts’ experts share key insights on key healthcare topics right now. Here are our top 5 articles from this month:

1. Gene Therapy Holds Great Promise, But Big Price

New gene therapy treatments hold lifesaving promises, but paying for these treatments and other groundbreaking therapies require new models for collaboration among payers, pharma companies, and pharmacy benefit managers. We are committed to put these medications within reach of the patients who need them.

2. FDA Update: September 2017

Express Scripts Office of Clinical Evaluation and Policy tracks some recent updates to the drug pipeline. Read about new drugs, new indications and new generic approvals from the past month.

3. INFOGRAPHIC: Exchange Members Resemble Commercial Counterparts

Initial exchange enrollment included those who required costly specialty medications for treating diseases such as HIV. With exchanges now in their fourth year of operation, medications prescribed for newly treated conditions within the exchange membership mirrors that seen within the commercial health plan population.

4. VIDEO: Fulfilling a Promise, Note by Note

When his daughter was in kindergarten, Garth began writing “napkin notes” each day and placed them lovingly in Emma’s lunchbox. With the medication, support and ongoing care provided by Accredo, Garth is able to live a full life, and continues to put napkin notes in Emma’s lunchbox.

5. Ask the Pharmacist: Rx Tips for Expectant Mothers

When a baby is on the way, diapers and strollers may preoccupy your thoughts. Nevertheless, it’s critical to focus on your health – and specifically how to manage prescription and over-the-counter medications during this time in your life. An Express Scripts specialist pharmacist shares tips for expectant mothers to ensure that mom and baby remain healthy and continue to thrive.

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