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Dec 13, 2016
A new partnership will provide a 40% discount on Eli Lilly insulin products for uninsured patients with diabetes.
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As an independent PBM, we have the scale, flexibility and expertise to create innovative solutions that put medicine within reach. Today, we launched a new partnership with Eli Lilly and Blink Health to ensure people with diabetes have access to affordable medication.

Using Blink Health’s mobile and web platforms, Lilly will pass along rebates on most of their insulins to uninsured patients at the point of purchase, delivering a savings of 40% off the retail price.

This partnership is one of several initiatives we’ve developed to address the affordability and accessibility of diabetes treatment, which has been the leading driver of traditional drug spend for five consecutive years.

Clinical Specialization

Specialist pharmacists in our Diabetes Therapeutic Resource Center surround each person with the specialized knowledge and support needed to manage increasingly complex therapies that treat diabetes and related conditions. Their clinical expertise of the diabetes space helps to ensure safety, improve medication adherence and close gaps in care.

More Affordable, Higher-Quality Diabetes Care

Our recently announced Diabetes Care Value program is the industry’s most comprehensive approach to improve pharmacy care while controlling plan costs for people with diabetes.

The program – part of the Express Scripts SafeGuardRx℠ suite of pharmacy solutions – combines a novel quality-based pharmacy network, a holistic approach to diabetes patient care and cost management, and financial guarantees that will significantly reduce participating plans’ anticipated increase in diabetes-drug spend for 2017.

Diabetes Remote Monitoring

Improving access and affordability also means improving outcomes in the therapy class and addressing the 42.8% of people with diabetes are nonadherent to therapy. Over the last year, we rolled out a diabetes remote monitoring solution that has been met with solid demand from clients. Through the use of a connected glucose meter and ongoing monitoring from our Diabetes Therapeutic Resource Center, patients learn how to control their blood sugar levels and adhere to their medications leading to positive outcomes. Early testing of diabetes remote monitoring shows that 61% of patients lowered their A1c levels and we saw an 8% increase in average adherence to oral diabetes medications. 

We applaud Eli Lilly and Blink, and recent actions from other diabetes therapy makers, for working to address the affordability of their innovations, and we are a proud to partner with them in designing this solution.

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