VIDEO: Unlocking Data Insights in a Few Clicks

May 3, 2016

MediCUBE is changing the way Express Scripts’ clients are leveraging real-time data for better decision making.

MediCUBE® is Express Scripts’ advanced diagnostic and data mining platform that integrates medical and pharmacy claims data to better understand prescriber, pharmacy and patient trends. The tool enables users to quickly and efficiently mine its 30+ terabyte database to provide actionable insights that can help solve some of the country’s largest healthcare challenges.

MediCUBE helps plan sponsors build efficient provider networks, identify prevalent health concerns by population or geography and identify fraudulent, wasteful behavior. For example, when we find an outlier – a doctor, pharmacy, or patient behaving in ways we would not expect and that could indicate opioid drug abuse – we are able to flag the case for our clients who provide the pharmacy benefit. MediCUBE can also make doctors more aware of how their prescribing patterns stack up compared with others in their specialty or geography.

With MediCUBE, insights once buried are now revealed in a few clicks.

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