INFOGRAPHIC: Speed and Security of Electronic Prior Authorization

Sep 11, 2014

Electronic Prior Authorization enables physicians to efficiently and safely approve treatment for patients to ensure healthy outcomes.

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Electronic prescribing has become the standard method for physicians to send prescriptions, which is why Express Scripts is investing $5 million for improved physician engagement.

ePrescribing enables doctors to:

  • Route prescriptions to home delivery pharmacies and retail pharmacies
  • Receive eRenewal requests electronically within their workflow
  • Request eligibility so that formulary information is available during the prescribing event
  • Receive medication history for their patients, reducing adverse drug events

A recent federal program known as Meaningful Use has encouraged adoption of ePrescribing and electronic medical records into mainstream use. Today, 70% of U.S. physicians actively ePrescribe.

The Value of Electronic Prior Authorization

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) provides physicians with another opportunity to streamline their prescribing process.

Express Scripts’ ePA solution works within the physician’s electronic medical record vendor system to improve efficiency for dispensing medications for patients, physicians and plan sponsors.

As ePrescribing surpasses the traditional faxing method, ePA gives doctors the speed and security to make sure their patients receive the medication they need.

Later this year, Express Scripts will also expand our electronic prior authorization tool, ExpressPAth, for physicians who would prefer a browser-based prior authorization tool.

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