VIDEO: Growth Is Good - Impact Is Better

May 2, 2018

Express Scripts knows that Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) improves the patient, physician and plan sponsor experience – and therefore healthcare overall.

We regularly speak with physicians to understand how we can better serve them and their patients. We’re committed to continuous improvement and we’re pleased to hear that they love that:

• ePA within the Electronic Health Record allows the clinical questions to be answered right when the prescription is written

• ePA gives doctors the ability to get decisions quickly – most times, within minutes.

Over the past two and a half years, we’ve seen explosive growth of ePAs. Today, half of the millions of PAs we manage are submitted more quickly and easily through electronic channels.

According to CoverMyMeds’ 2018 ePA Scorecard publication, healthcare providers overwhelmingly see the benefits of electronic prior authorization in speed to therapy, positive impacts to healthcare, easing the burden of the PA process, and ensuring patients get their medications. View the entire 2018 Scorecard here. Express Scripts partners with a variety of ePA providers so all physicians can find a solution that fits their workflow. Click here to learn more.

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