INFOGRAPHIC: Flipping the Switch on Patient Engagement

Nov 21, 2017

Through partnership with Mango Health, Express Scripts offers a app-based solution to address member disengagement. Our innovative approach uses the power of technology, gaming and reward incentives to encourage members to adopt daily behaviors that improve their health.

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Mango Infographic

For patients with complex conditions or those with multiple diseases, managing treatment plans can create a significant burden. We know that disengaged patients have poor health outcomes and higher costs. But, by engaging patients with a fun, rewarding solution, we can improve health, lower costs and meet patients where they are.

Rewards and healthcare are two words that don’t always find themselves in the same sentence – unless you are Mango Health. Mango Health’s success in keeping patients engaged daily in their care through a fun,  user-friendly mobile application is a natural extension of the care that specialist pharmacists provide to members.

By integrating Mango Health’s mobile application with the Express Scripts’ platform and services, clients and their members also enjoy the following benefits :

  • Support and guidance from Express Scripts specialist pharmacists in more than 20 specialties
  • The convenience of pre-populated medication lists and prescription refill platform capabilities
  • Improved safety, adherence, care coordination, and cost savings through member-specific, customized alerts

Working with Mango Health gives us, and our clients, a unique way to capture users’ attention and achieve better health outcomes. Express Scripts has added this clinical solution to our robust solution toolbox in order to keep members at their healthiest.

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