Game On! Making Better Health Fun and Engaging

Mar 15, 2017
Express Scripts’ strategic collaboration with Mango Health creates a new daily health solution to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

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As humans, we all derive some emotional satisfaction from playing a game. It’s the reason why Candy Crush Saga has 50 million active monthly users on Facebook. Playing a game gives us a reward, provides an opportunity to socialize, offers a distraction from the stresses of everyday life, and is just downright fun.

Games and healthcare are two words that don’t always find themselves in the same sentence. Unless you are Mango Health.

Mango Health saw that there aren’t any healthcare apps that deliver the same emotional return as playing a game. So they created one.

Their innovative mobile healthcare app gets people more involved in their own health care, and provides incentives and rewards for positive health behaviors in a fun and engaging way.

Mango Health’s success in keeping patients engaged daily in their care through fun, a user-friendly mobile application is a natural extension of the care our pharmacists provide to our members.

Our experience has taught us that when patients are active participants in their health, they achieve better health outcomes. When we can activate their good intentions, patients will make healthy choices.

Mango Health + Express Scripts

Our strategic collaboration with Mango Health unites our unique capabilities to create a one-of-a-kind platform that motivates patients, coordinates care and encourages positive and healthy behaviors. The partnership provides our members with a personalized version of Mango Health’s innovative application.

By integrating Mango Health’s mobile application with the Express Scripts’ platform and services, our clients and their members will enjoy:

  • A gamified approach that encourages positive behaviors that meaningfully improve outcomes for patients with their condition.
  • In-app support and advice from Express Scripts specialist pharmacists in more than 20 specialties, including diabetes, asthma and cancer.
  • The convenience of pre-populated medication lists and prescription refills within the Mango app.
  • Improved care coordination and medication safety through customized alerts in the Mango app that are integrated with a patient’s pharmacy plan, and offer information about medication adherence, possible medication safety concerns and cost saving opportunities.

When it comes to getting and keeping our members active and engaged in their health, we have to compete for their attention. Working with Mango Health gives us, and our clients, a unique way to capture that attention and achieve better health outcomes.

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Mark Bini, MBA
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