Consumerology: From the Express Scripts Lab

Oct 15, 2012
Consumerology has the potential to overhaul healthcare and the way we think about our care. Read more about what Consumerology means to Express Scripts.

In order to encourage consumers to make choices that improve their health, it is crucial to first understand the human behavior that drives those choices. Researchers around the world continue to gather critical data and important findings about the behavior of consumers and patients. The learning never stops. So how can we leverage the latest learning from the behavioral sciences to drive better health and value?

Enter Consumerology® – the advanced application of the behavioral sciences to healthcare.

By better understanding how and why patients make decisions about their healthcare, Express Scripts is able to design solutions that make it easier and more intuitive for them to choose options that are healthier and more affordable.

Understanding and Maintaining Health Behaviors

When we leave the doctor’s office, we always intend to follow the doctor’s instructions and do the right thing for our health. So why don’t we?

Consumer behavior stands between doctor orders and optimal outcomes

Why don’t we remember to refill our prescriptions after the first month? Why do we forget to take our medications when our daily routine gets shaken up?

If we can understand the why, we can help make it easier for patients to actually take the actions they intend to take.

That’s why it’s so important to know why people behave the way they do. We’re here to figure out how to make taking care of ourselves easier – which ultimately, will:

  • Improve overall health outcomes
  • Minimize waste
  • And lower healthcare costs

We’ll be applying our Consumerology philosophy to the many facets of healthcare we’ll be discussing here on this blog.

Consumerology is no simple feat. But with your help, we can work towards a future of better health care at lower cost together.

Join the conversation and tell us what “consumerology” means to you.

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