Traveling With Prescriptions - Ask The Pharmacist

Dec 17, 2013
Express Scripts Pharmacist Paul Reyes shares tips for members to manage their medication during winter travel.
  • Seniors

As many snowbirds prepare to head to sunnier climates, our home delivery pharmacies, pharmacists, Web resources and network of retail pharmacies make it easy for these members to seamlessly manage their medications regardless of their location.

Considering that more than 15% of seniors use at least 10 medications at the same time, our services are more than just convenient – they help keep members adherent to their therapy and protect them from potential adverse events that can arise if patients visit physicians who are not always involved in their care.

If you plan on escaping the cold winter months in a sunny location, here are some tips to help protect you during your trip and manage your medication on the go:

Document Your Dose: Keep an accurate list of medications in a central location or even in your wallet at all times. This includes prescriptions, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and any vitamins or supplements. Make sure to note dosages, frequency and each drug’s purpose. Share this list with all doctors. If you have a smartphone and are an Express Scripts member, the “My Medicine Cabinet” feature on our mobile app and newly redesigned member portal make it easy to share that list.

Use Home Delivery: Home delivery eliminates the need to transfer maintenance medications to a different pharmacy and helps prevent the loss of important prescription information between pharmacies. It’s easy to change your address and have your medication mailed to a winter home.

Stay on Track: Prepare extra reminders on your smartphone so you can stay on track when traveling. If you miss a dose while traveling, check the prescribing information (sent with the medication, but also available on the Express Scripts website and mobile app) for instructions on how to make up for that dose. If you are unsure about what to do or are experiencing any side effects, call your doctor or pharmacist immediately. If your travels will take you to a different time zone, a pharmacist can tell you about any changes you need to make to your dosing regimen before you leave.

Use Original Containers: Carry your medications in their original containers with original labels to prevent anyone from mistaking them for other substances. If you are flying, keep your medications in a carry-on bag. Also, keep a copy of the prescriptions with you for emergency refills.

At Express Scripts, we make it easy and safe for our members to continue with their prescription therapies in any situation. Remember, pharmacists are available to answer questions our members have about their prescriptions, anytime, anywhere.

Happy holidays and safe travels!

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