Prescription Drug Pricing: A Public Policy Analysis


Public sentiment about prescription drug prices has never been clearer – drug prices are too high.  Lawmakers, payers and patients all are concerned about the impact drug price increases have on the health of our country. We are, too.

Our annual Drug Trend Reports provide valuable data about the causes of increased spend so we can address them effectively. Leveraging this data and examining the complex interactions among economic, competitive and regulatory factors, Express Scripts has identified the key areas where policymakers can take decisive action to make medicine more accessible and more affordable. 

While more significant, long-term changes are deliberated, we must advocate for important policy changes that will make a difference right now. The reality is there are several ways our country can effectively address the issue of egregious pricing without limiting access, stifling innovation or creating disruption.

In Prescription Drug Pricing: A Public Policy Analysis we outline these themes, and propose several innovative, common-sense policies that address them.

As our country engages in a critical dialogue about how to provide much-needed care for millions of Americans, Express Scripts will continue to make better health more affordable, accessible and sustainable.

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