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Driving undeniable value for plans and patients in 2016

DTR Commercial

There has never been a more critical time to be doing what Express Scripts does. In a year where the high cost of prescription drugs dominated the industry, our work enabled our clients and members to have a different – and better – experience. And in a world where value-based care is being debated in terms of what form it takes or how it gets delivered, we’re showing you here that it works.

In 2016, one-third of employers spent less on prescription medications than in 2015. They did this by adopting our solutions for minimizing waste, maximizing savings and ensuring patient access to needed medications.

For patients, the average out-of-pocket cost for a 30-day prescription was $11.34 in 2016, roughly a dime more than in 2015.

We bring value-based care to life, protecting patients and employers from skyrocketing drug price increases and delivering better care. The proof is in the data. Download the 2016 Commercial Drug Trend Report.

The Drug Trend Report PDF is best viewed on a computer or tablet.

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