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With healthcare insights, drug trend analysis, evidence-based research articles and peer-reviewed publications, we're developing high-impact solutions and sharing results to prove value.


Key insights

In all we do, we strive to do right by both our clients and members. And our clinical programs are designed with that in mind – to ensure patients have the medications that best fit their needs from both a clinical and an economic perspective.

For example, in 2017, the 8 million patients enrolled in our inflammatory Conditions Care Value ProgramSM improved adherence by 13% and contributed to a 40% reduction in cost.

Today, more than 20 million people have enrolled in the program, which opens tremendous opportunity for new value in care quality and cost savings.

Fighting alongside you to solve challenges

Healthcare in the United States is costly, complex and full of challenges. For example, we’re confronted with $400 billion in annual pharmacy-related waste alone. We help you meet healthcare’s problems head-on by analyzing data across 85 million members and using predictive capabilities to expose opportunities for action. Our targeted research studies, innovative pilot programs and Therapeutic Resource CentersSM (TRCs) all help create smarter healthcare solutions that address your specific challenges. 

Diverse teams bring diverse perspectives. The Lab houses three complementary teams:

  • Specialized care: Highly trained pharmacists and nurses counsel patients with chronic and complex conditions. This one-to-one interaction between patients and specialists trained in the patient’s specific condition improves clinical and financial outcomes for our members and clients. 
  • Decision design: A collaborative team of experts in health communication, interactive design and new product development explore all aspects of patient and provider communications. They focus on building solutions that address the challenge of human inertia and inattention. 
  • Research and analytics: Health economists, researchers, statisticians and geospatial analysts mine our rich sets of data to extract actionable insights. Their findings serve as the basis for improving existing solutions and designing new ones.

At the Lab, Express Scripts experts collaborate with our clients to solve their most pivotal healthcare challenges – driving out waste, advantaging better decisions and improving health outcomes. We invite you to visit the Lab and engage with our team. Please request a tour by speaking with your account representative. Then come feel the pulse of patient care today and see the potential for healthier outcomes tomorrow. 

Applying advanced behavioral science principles to healthcare

Express Scripts' Consumerology® analysis and evaluation, paired with technology and clinical specialization, helps lower costs and improve outcomes.