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The 70,000+ U.S. pharmacies are not all created equal. Retail pharmacies are ideal for filling short-term prescriptions to treat acute conditions. For filling maintenance medications to treat chronic conditions, however, home delivery pharmacies offer unparalleled savings and convenience.
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  • Pharmacy Options Feb 21, 2014

    Better Decisions Stronger Alignment

    Express Scripts solutions leverage clinical expertise, use of data and understanding of human behavior to drive better decisions and healthier outcomes.

  • Pharmacy Options Feb 14, 2014

    INFOGRAPHIC: Benefits of Rx Home Delivery

    Home delivery for maintenance medications to treat chronic conditions offers patients better care, greater savings and more convenience.

    Click to download the infographic.

  • Pharmacy Options Feb 4, 2014

    Safe Medication Delivery in Frigid Temps

    During these cold winter months, Express Scripts takes specific precautions to ensure the safe delivery of medications.

  • Drug Options Jan 16, 2014

    5 Consumer Tips to Save on Prescriptions

    Prescription drugs are one of the only areas of healthcare where consumers can control their costs.

  • Adherence Dec 17, 2013

    Ask the Pharmacist: Rx Tips for Snowbirds

    Express Scripts Pharmacist Paul Reyes shares tips for members to manage their medication during winter travel.

  • Government Programs Dec 3, 2013

    Protecting Seniors From Medicare Fraud

    Confusion about healthcare reform and Medicare enrollment gives criminals opportunity to target seniors. Here are tips to avoid Medicare fraud and scams.

  • Pharmacy Options Sep 5, 2013

    The Benefits of TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy

    A recent DoD audit found the TRICARE mail order pharmacy, administered by Express Scripts, to be more cost effective and safer than retail pharmacies.

  • Drug Options Aug 27, 2013

    Price Gap Widens Between Brand and Generics

    The Express Scripts Prescription Price Index shows that the gap between brand and generic prices has widened another 35.2 percentage points in 2012.

  • Pharmacy Options Aug 1, 2013

    The Value of 90-Day Prescriptions

    With Express Scripts' Smart90 program, patients fill their prescriptions in 90-day supplies via our home delivery pharmacy or select retail pharmacies.

  • Drug Options Apr 23, 2013

    MAP: Bad Rx Decisions Cost Poor US States

    The U.S. wasted $418 billion in 2012 on bad medication-related decisions, and the impact was most deeply felt in those states that could least afford it.

  • Pharmacy Options Mar 22, 2013

    Improving Adherence With Home Delivery

    New research shows that home delivery pharmacies improve medication adherence for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol.

  • Pharmacy Options Jan 17, 2013

    Benefits of Home Delivery

    The benefits of having your prescriptions delivered to your home include cost-savings, safety benefits and convenience. Learn from Express Scripts experts why home delivery makes sense.

  • Drug Options Nov 26, 2012

    Ask the Pharmacist: Is There a Generic for That?

    Looking to save money on your medications? Six simple words can yield significant cost savings: Is there a generic for that?

  • Workers' Compensation Oct 18, 2012

    What Physician Dispensing Costs Workers' Comp

    Express Scripts will send injured workers letters informing them of how much money is wasted when their medication is dispensed by a physician.

  • Drug Options Oct 15, 2012

    MAP: The 50 States of Pharmacy Waste

    A state-by-state breakdown of the $408 billion of pharmacy waste in the country. Mississippi, Texas and Arizona represent the highest per-capita waste.

  • Behavioral Sciences Oct 3, 2012

    The Intent-Behavior Gap

    Express Scripts research demonstrates the "Intent-Behavior Gap" and helps patients activate their good intentions to lower the cost of U.S. healthcare.

  • Pharmacy Options Aug 24, 2012

    Asthma Rx Home Delivery Improves Adherence

    A recent Express Scripts study demonstrates that home delivery pharmacies significantly increase medication adherence among asthma patients.

  • Pharmacy Options Aug 2, 2012

    Technology Keeps Shipped Medications Cool

    The Express Scripts Pharmacy uses innovative technology to keep medications shipments cool even in a summer of record-setting temperatures.