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At the Express Scripts Lab, we stay abreast of the key industry research and announcements that affect our clients and members. And we proudly advocate for effective, more affordable healthcare.
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  • Pharmacy Options Nov 23, 2015

    Captive Pharmacies: What We've Learned

    Express Scripts routinely monitors our formulary and our network, and we take action when we see manufacturers and pharmacies trying to circumvent the cost-saving solutions that our clients implement.

  • Drug Options Nov 20, 2015

    How the U.S. Can Achieve Fair Drug Pricing

    Market competition benefits everyone. It drives innovation, lowers costs, improves access, and helps people live better lives.

  • Industry Updates Nov 17, 2015

    State of the Industry: The Future of Genomic Testing

    In the final segment of the state of the industry video series, Express Scripts President Tim Wentworth highlights how the application of genomic tests is a promising area in healthcare.

  • Pharmacy Options Nov 11, 2015

    Packaged With Care: Delivering Care Everywhere

    Packaged With Care is focused on highlighting the care Express Scripts demonstrates to the millions of members we serve.

  • Industry Updates Nov 3, 2015

    State of the Industry: Creating Headroom with Biosimilars

    In part 4 of the state of the industry video series, Express Scripts President Tim Wentworth highlights how what is happening the next decade in the drug pipeline will create more cures. Express Scripts will leverage our solutions to create access for patient for these curative treatments.

  • Industry Updates Oct 27, 2015

    State of the Industry: Leveraging Actionable Data

    In part 3 of the state of the industry video series, Express Scripts President Tim Wentworth highlights how we see data as a key element to add incremental value to payers and create better outcomes for patients.

  • Drug Safety and Abuse Oct 23, 2015

    Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse and Spread of Disease

    With prescription drug abuse resulting in an increase of HIV and hepatitis C, innovative tools used in the pharmacy benefit can address opioid abuse early to proactively prevent the spread of disease.

  • Industry Updates Oct 20, 2015

    State of the Industry: Aligning Incentives

    In part 2 of the state of the industry video series, Express Scripts President Tim Wentworth highlights the progress of pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers being jointly accountable to payers to deliver the promise that the cure brings to the patient.

  • Industry Updates Oct 13, 2015

    State of the Industry: Fair Drug Pricing

    In the first segment of our state of the industry video series, Express Scripts President Tim Wentworth highlights payers' reaction to new drug pricing. We work with pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure pricing is sustainable for payers and medications are accessible for patients.

  • Drug Options Sep 23, 2015

    What's Overlooked in the Daraprim Controversy

    Manufacturer consolidation and egregious pricing demonstrate why plan sponsors need Express Scripts.

  • Drug Options Aug 26, 2015

    One Giant Leap for More Affordable Specialty Drugs

    With spending on prescription drugs continuing to rise, topped by double-digit trends in specialty medications, biosimilars will play an important part in keeping healthcare benefits affordable and accessible for Americans.

  • Drug Options Jul 29, 2015

    The Country’s First PCSK9 Inhibitor

    It is clear that PCSK9 inhibitors are on a path to become the costliest therapy class this country has ever seen. Our intention is to provide the right patients access to the right medication at the best possible price and greatest level of care.

  • Industry Updates Jul 16, 2015

    Design, Test, Innovate

    At Express Scripts, we’ve designed a culture for innovation that puts our clients and members in the front seat.

  • Government Programs Jul 1, 2015

    First Look: 2015 Public Exchange Plan Rx Trends

    Third edition of the Express Scripts Exchange PulseTM Report shows specialty medication spending grew rapidly since the inception of the health exchanges, but a healthier population of enrollees in 2015 may help plans better balance their risk.

  • Industry Updates May 25, 2015

    Honoring Those Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice

    This Memorial Day, we remember the more than 1 million brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation’s freedom.

  • Industry Updates May 11, 2015

    Express Scripts 2015 Outcomes Symposium

    What’s the secret to a smarter pharmacy benefit? There’s no single magic pill, but it all comes down to doing what’s right for clients and members.

  • Drug Safety and Abuse May 8, 2015

    How the Holocaust Influenced Clinical Research

    Our teams at UBC consider it our responsibility and privilege to uphold the codes of Good Clinical Practices for the protection of patients and the integrity of clinical research.

  • Industry Updates Apr 30, 2015

    The Wrong Kind of Chutzpah

    At Express Scripts, we are completely aligned with our clients’ interests and always take the necessary actions to make the pharmacy benefit more affordable and sustainable.

  • Industry Updates Mar 12, 2015

    Cardiology Rx Trends: A Review for ACC

    A summary of current and future trends for high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure medications.

  • Government Programs Mar 11, 2015

    Exploring Drivers of Medicaid Trend

    A look at the trends driving prescription drug costs and best practices for Medicaid plans to align patient care and benefit affordability.

  • Government Programs Mar 10, 2015

    Growth, Price Inflation Challenge Medicare

    Brand medication inflation and sky rocketing specialty spend significantly impacted 2014 Medicare trend.

  • Industry Updates Mar 10, 2015

    U.S. Rx Spending Increased 13.1% in 2014

    Hepatitis C and compounded medications accelerated U.S. drug spending at a rate not seen in more than a decade.

  • Drug Options Mar 10, 2015

    Closely Managed Plans Mitigate Spend Increases

    Plans sponsors who actively manage their pharmacy benefit achieve lower costs, while improving care for members.

  • Industry Updates Feb 13, 2015

    URAC Renews Express Scripts, Accredo Accreditations

    By validating our commitment to safety, accuracy and service, URAC accreditations give physicians and patients confidence in choosing Express Scripts and Accredo.

  • Industry Updates Feb 12, 2015

    Improving Physician Communication through EMRs

    Electronic Medical Records: Closing gaps-in-care and opening lines of communication.