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At the Express Scripts Lab, we stay abreast of the key industry research and announcements that affect our clients and members. And we proudly advocate for effective, more affordable healthcare.
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  • Specialty Medications Apr 21, 2014

    U.S. Failing To Seize Biosimilar Opportunity

    Without a clear regulatory path for biosimilars, the U.S. falls behind other countries in improving access and affordability of life-changing medications.

  • Industry Updates Apr 18, 2014

    Proud to Continue Our Support of TRICARE

    U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) awarded Express Scripts the TRICARE Pharmacy Program, Fourth Generation (TPharm4) contract – the Military Health Systems (MHS) pharmacy benefits program.

  • Industry Updates Apr 8, 2014

    REPORT: Specialty Drug Spending at Lowest Rate Since 2007

    Our country faces an unprecedented 63% increase in specialty-drug spend between 2014 and 2016, fueled primarily by an 1,800% increase in spending on Hepatitis C.

    Click here to download the 2013 Drug Trend Report PDF.

  • Industry Updates Apr 8, 2014

    Welcome to the New Lab Experience

    The new is an interactive, insights-fueled environment that provides weekly insights, drug trend analysis and other findings from our research, clinical and decision design teams.

  • Industry Updates Apr 7, 2014

    Express Scripts 2014 Outcomes Symposium

    We have an exciting week ahead. Check here often as we highlight the insightful conversations taking place at Express Scripts 2014 Outcomes Symposium. Please also follow the conversation on Twitter, under #Outcomes14.

  • Industry Updates Mar 31, 2014

    UBC Partnership Accelerates Clinical Research

    UBC has been named preferred oncology clinical research partner by RainTree Oncology Services.

  • Industry Updates Mar 20, 2014

    Mobile Devices Aid in Clinical Research

    In a recent Pharmaphorum article, Abbe Steel, provides examples of mobile health technology and shares the value of mobile applications in clinical trials.

  • Industry Updates Jan 23, 2014

    The Value of Chart Reviews

    As recently published in Pharmaphorum, chart reviews capture real-world patient-level clinical, healthcare and safety data.

  • Industry Updates Dec 10, 2013

    5 Significant Studies: Why Research Matters

    Highlighted in peer-reviewed industry publications, our evidence-based research plays an important role in helping us develop breakthrough solutions.

  • Industry Updates Dec 9, 2013

    UBC Helps Improve Pharma Decisions

    United BioSource Company (UBC), an Express Scripts subsidiary, specializes in the development, approval and distribution process of prescription medications.

  • Industry Updates Nov 21, 2013

    New Statin Guidelines: What You Need to Know

    Recently, the ACC/AHA released new guidelines regarding statin therapy. Specialist pharmacist Ed Dannemiller provides information about these changes.

  • Industry Updates Nov 20, 2013

    Golden Opportunity to Study Canine Companions

    United BioSource Corporation, an Express Scripts company, preformed an observational study to understand the high rate of cancer among golden retrievers.

  • Industry Updates Nov 19, 2013

    Giving Thanks

    Express Scripts manages the pharmacy benefit for 1 in 3 Americans. We are grateful for this opportunity, and we treat the task with seriousness and pride.

  • Government Programs Oct 24, 2013

    6 Tips About the Health Insurance Marketplace

    Express Scripts shares tips for Americans enrolling in healthcare coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

  • Industry Updates Oct 10, 2013

    Making Big Data Actionable

    Big Data becomes actionable if ready at the point of a health decision. Actionable data improves patient decisions and leads to healthier outcomes.

  • Government Programs Sep 18, 2013

    Medicare and Reform: Fifty States of Confusion

    Seniors have significant misconceptions about healthcare reform and Medicare, which could lead them to make poor Medicare enrollment and health decisions.

  • Industry Updates Aug 28, 2013

    Helping Patients Navigate Device Recalls

    When there is a product recall, or simply when you have a question, specialist pharmacists can be your resource for disease management questions.

  • Specialty Medications Aug 8, 2013

    Reviewing Oncology Rx Stats Before ASCO '13

    Prior to the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting in Chicago, Express Scripts summarizes cancer pharmacy data and forecasts.

  • Drug Safety and Abuse Aug 8, 2013

    RationalMed and FDA Warn of Fatal Heart Rhythms

    The FDA just bolstered label warnings for azithromycin due to cardiac arrhythmias. Express Scripts' RationalMed has alerted MDs of the risk for over a year.

  • Industry Updates Aug 6, 2013

    Specious Arguments Cloud Biosimilar Regulation

    Express Scripts recognizes the potential for biosimilars, generic alternatives for specialty conditions, to help reduce healthcare costs.

  • Government Programs Jul 22, 2013

    Best Practices in the Medicare Rx Benefit

    Express Scripts' best practices for Medicare Part D plans, highlighting programs to enable better health decisions, while ensuring quality and compliance.

  • Industry Updates Jul 12, 2013

    Clear the Path to Affordable Specialty Meds

    Chief Medical Officer Steve Miller's opinion piece on the need for biosimilars was featured yesterday in the DC-based publication The Hill.

  • Adherence Jun 26, 2013

    Engaging Patients for Healthier Outcomes

    UBC is helping physicians -- during the doctor's visit -- identify the most appropriate clinical studies for each specific patient.

  • Drug Options Jun 24, 2013

    Diabetes Medication Costs to Rise 24% by 2015

    With 38% of diabetes patients who fail to take their medication as prescribed, it’s critical to focus on solutions to improve adherence and reduce waste.

  • Drug Options Jun 20, 2013

    Impact of Wealth on Rx Utilization

    A new study from Express Scripts shows the highest income individuals use prescription drugs 1.5x more than the lowest income group.

  • Industry Updates Jun 7, 2013

    Behind the Slowdown in Prescription-Drug Use

    Baby boomer demographics and economic trends dampen utilization of prescription drugs. Learn more ...

  • Industry Updates May 24, 2013

    Express Scripts 2013 Outcomes Symposium

    Join us the next two days for a discussion of the challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system and how better decisions can lead to healthier outcomes.

  • Industry Updates Apr 23, 2013

    The $250 Billion Potential of Biosimilars

    Express Scripts projects that the United States would save $250 billion between 2014 and 2024 if just the 11 likeliest biosimilars would enter the market.

  • Industry Updates Apr 19, 2013

    20/20 Vision: Researching Healthcare's Future

    Express Scripts researchers look back at the last 20 years of developments within the pharmacy benefit and provide predictions for the next 20.

  • Industry Updates Apr 3, 2013

    5 Legislative Policies for More Affordable Rx

    Express Scripts' chief medical officer discusses 5 legislative policies that would lower the cost of prescription drugs for Americans.

  • Drug Options Mar 29, 2013

    2013: Another Big Year Likely for Drug Approvals

    Following a landmark year for FDA drug approvals, 2013 is shaping up to be nearly as big. And again, the list is dominated by specialty medications.

  • Drug Options Mar 28, 2013

    2012: Landmark Year for Drug Approvals

    The FDA hit a 15-year high for drug approvals in 2012, with new specialty medications dominating.

  • Industry Updates Mar 19, 2013

    UBC Finds New Ways to Reach and Help Patients

    Finding and retaining patients and physicians for clinical trials is complex. UBC offers pharmaceutcal manufacturers, technology-driven solutions.