Smart Pharmacy Management: Strategies to Manage the Evolving Drug Landscape


Sep 16, 2015




Jeff Eichholz, PharmD, Sr. Director, Formulary Development

More than 5,400 potential medications are moving through the R&D pipeline, promising new treatments that will improve and save patients’ lives. But that promise brings with it the challenge of managing these new drugs effectively and at a sustainable cost. This discussion will provide a purview into the drug pipeline across the traditional and specialty medication landscape to deliver a deeper understanding of recent changes and developing drug category trends, such as oncology and biosimilars.

Emerging pharmacy benefit strategies and smart formulary management have enabled the lowering of overall drug costs without sacrificing patient access. Learn about the importance of ongoing management and how this has played out through recent Hepatitis C and PCSK9 inhibitor market launches and what this will mean for the market moving forward.